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Maybe you've never heard of an adventure race before, much less done one, and you're wondering what they're all about. Perhaps you've done a couple of 5k's or completed your first triathlon, or even tried an obstacle course race and are ready for your next challenge . Or, maybe you've been adventure racing for a while and are a little tired of racing the same old courses and are looking for something new from an organization that blazes its own trails.

Anyone that has completed a race directed by Craig and John Sheriff will tell you that what you'll get out of it is not just a race, but an experience. The founders of S.P.A.R. have dedicated over 12 years directing some of the best adventure races in Florida. These aren't mountain bike races with a little navigation thrown in. These are full-blown, out in the wilderness adventures where skill and strategy, not just strength, determine the winner. These are the kinds of events that you tell your friends about over a beer and all they can say is, "You're crazy!"...and maybe you are.

If you're looking for old-school adventure racing that rips you out of your comfort zone and throws you into beautiful wild places, then S.P.A.R. has your next challenge. Grab your teammates, grab your gear and escape the beaten path with S.P.A.R.

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