Event Rules

Race rules are taken from the United States Adventure Racing Association (USARA) rules guide. Please note that race directors may, at their discretion, modify these rules for races or specific segments of races.  Each violation of these rules will result in a minimum of a 1-point penalty.

  1. All racers are expected to be examples of good sportsmanship. Racers must treat local patrons, the public, race staff and fellow racers with courtesy and respect. Teams must adhere to all rules and regulations within the facilities where the events are taking place.
  2. Teams must assist fellow racers in need of medical attention.
  3. Race officials reserve the right to remove a team or individual from the course for health, safety, or any other reasons at the discretion of race staff and medical personnel.
  4. Team and individual mandatory gear must be carried at all times and may be checked on the course.
  5. Racers must follow the rules of travel when instructions designate a specific route and/or not use out-of-bounds areas. Teams may not trespass onto private property. 
  6. Bicycle helmets must always be properly worn and fastened when biking.
  7. Rear red bike lights must always be on or flashing, after dark. Red glow stick may be substituted if light failure occurs on the course. A white front light must be used during night events, a head lamp is acceptable.
  8. Bike riders on public roads have the same rights & responsibilities as motorists and are subject to the same rules and regulations. Teams must obey all traffic laws while on public roads and trails.  Be visible, alert, and communicate your intentions and ride with traffic.
  9. Personal Flotation Devices must always be properly worn when boating. All chest straps must be fastened.
  10. No littering. Leave no trace. Trash bags are present at all Transition Areas.
  11. Teams must always remain within 100 feet of teammates & within visual contact.
  12. No use of GPS devices for navigation allowed on course.
  13. Use of cellular phones is for emergencies only. No other use is allowed.
  14. Racers may not receive outside assistance on the course except from race staff & other registered teams.
  15. All team members must check in together at each Transition Area.
  16. Any team that wishes to withdraw from a race must do so at a Transition Area and must notify the staff. If any teammates wish to continue, they may do so with consent from the race director and will be ranked as Unofficial.
  17. If a team loses a punch card, they may continue by punching their maps. Teams will be given credit for checkpoints that can be verified. 
  18. If a team loses a map. A new map may be provided at the Transition Area.

Time Penalties

Teams who arrive at the finish after the official finish time will be assessed the following penalties:
1 second after announced finishing time = 1 point
10.01 minutes after announced finishing time = 2 points
20.01 minutes after announced finishing time = 3 points
30.01 minutes after announced finishing time = Over Time (OT)

Last Revised: 09/09/2018